Events: November 14th Through the 20th

Monday, November 14th: Working at a Start Up

After not being able to get into the Steve Blank talk at Union Square Ventures last week, I saw this event on Skillshare and figured I’d check it out. I think half of the reason I wanted to go was just to hang out at USV. There were some good points in the talk, and I appreciated their perspective. When I go to events like these, I like to test to see if my current thoughts are on par with what is presented. This time I was pretty on point. There were a few points made that I needed for reiteration, and some I that just needed to learn. All around, glad I went.

Tuesday, November 15th: Book Club

Another non-tech event, but I haven’t made my Book Club in a while, and it was our 4th anniversary. We read Us by Michael Kimball. It is about an old couple dealing with death. That doesn’t sound too uplifting, and really it wasn’t, but it did demonstrate the beauty that can be found in the love between a couple. It was written in a very interesting style, so if it sounds at all appealing then I recommend it.

Thursday, November 17th: Raise Cache

This ended up being a quite a fun event. Hard to network when everybody is there with their teams celebrating, but that was what the night was for. I ended up running into a bunch of people I knew, and one off my buddies even crashed the runway, hilarious. I did meet a few new people, plus it was a fun time, and for a good cause, raising money for HackNY.

Friday, November 18th: Dumbo Tech Breakfast

I’ll say it again, I really enjoy these tech breakfasts. I’m not going to call myself an engineer (yet), but it is really fun to pretend and nerd out.

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