My New Disk Jockey: and the Music Video Genome

I love when I run into a problem can’t find a solution and then a few days later the solution falls into my lap. I don’t have cable, so I don’t really watch TV, I mainly just watch movies. When it came time replace my TV I decided I would forgo the TV and instead get a projector. It hangs from my ceiling, giving me a 100 inch screen on my wall, and plugs into my Mac. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I had a few friends over and thought it would be rad if instead of playing tunes I played music videos via the projector. The problem was that I didn’t want to create a YouTube playlist, and I couldn’t find anything that would automatically queue music videos. I was bummed. Then last week I went to a Demo night at General Assembly. One of the presenters was, a website that streamlines watching videos online. They were showing examples of what their API could do so they demoed the Music Video Genome: The solution to my problem. I went home that night and put it on while I did some chores around the apartment. This thing is awesome, think Pandora for music videos. It’s definitely DJing the time I have people over.

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