Monthly Archives: November 2011

Events: Thanksgiving Week

There wasn’t much this week due to Thanksgiving, but I did get to a Ruby Hackfest on Tuesday at Pivotal Labs. Nothing was really hacked, at least from my end, but I enjoyed spending a few hours in my terminal window, practicing and learning by osmosis from (and talking to) all the talent in the […]

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Brooklyn Venture Community

I started attending Columbia Venture Community Events in 2008, the New York Tech Meetup in 2010, and through my job at CTV various entrepreneur and venture events around New York City since probably 2007. I recently have been attending more and more tech and entrepreneur events and I’ve been having a blast. I’ve discovered new […]

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Events: November 14th Through the 20th

Monday, November 14th: Working at a Start Up After not being able to get into the Steve Blank talk at Union Square Ventures last week, I saw this event on Skillshare and figured I’d check it out. I think half of the reason I wanted to go was just to hang out at USV. There […]

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Events: November 7th Through the 13th

Tuesday, November 8th No tech event, but I did attend a fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Society. I very good friend of mine volunteers for the cause so I thought I would show my support. Wednesday, November 9th: Web Tech You Can Touch I killed two birds with one stone here, as it was partially […]

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Events: November 1st Through the 6th

I’ve started to up the number of start-up/tech events I am attending around the city. I’ve really been enjoying these, seeing new ideas and getting a better feel for where the scene is and where it is heading. As it’s a new month, I figured I would start a running total of what events I […]

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Programming: Overcoming Roadblocks

It is now 3:30 AM on a Friday night and I am sitting in front of my computer, exactly where I have been since 5:30 PM yesterday. I’m tired and I am going home and to bed but I have to vent real quick. I have been teaching myself Ruby on Rails for while now, […]

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