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Gmail Shortcuts Via KeyRocket

Ran into this Chrome plugin while looking for a way to use Excel shortcuts in a Google Docs spreadsheet. It is super simple. Install the plugin and as you are moving around Gmail it will remind you of the keyboard shortcuts you could have used. Take it for a spin and ramp up shortcut knowledge. […]

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Events: End of December

The Holidays really crept up on me pretty quickly this year. I was completely unprepared when I headed out to California from the 19th. I didn’t check the snow reports in Tahoe, so I hauled my snowboard out there only to find manmade, icy runs. I can handle manmade, icy runs in Vermont where I’ll […]

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Events: December 5th Through the 11th

Monday, December 5th: NYC MusicTechnology Meetup – Demos Kicked the week off with a music tech demo night, little did I know that music was going to be the theme of the week. I have to start off thanking iHeartRadio for providing Uncle Bones BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. Uncle Bones’ cooks in his backyard and […]

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Brooklyn Venture Community: First Event Scheduled

Just scheduled the first Brooklyn Venture Community event. Holding a social Happy Hour to kick off the new year at Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s The Saint Austere. Info here:

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Events: November 28th Through December 4th

Monday, November 28th: Tech Startup Pizza Night A pretty general networking night, except for the delicious pizza, sponsored by Atto Consulting. Met some interesting folks and got to about mobile rails development for a while, which was cool. But, these are the kind of nights that inspire me to go home, open up the terminal […]

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My New Disk Jockey: and the Music Video Genome

I love when I run into a problem can’t find a solution and then a few days later the solution falls into my lap. I don’t have cable, so I don’t really watch TV, I mainly just watch movies. When it came time replace my TV I decided I would forgo the TV and instead […]

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Events: Thanksgiving Week

There wasn’t much this week due to Thanksgiving, but I did get to a Ruby Hackfest on Tuesday at Pivotal Labs. Nothing was really hacked, at least from my end, but I enjoyed spending a few hours in my terminal window, practicing and learning by osmosis from (and talking to) all the talent in the […]

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Brooklyn Venture Community

I started attending Columbia Venture Community Events in 2008, the New York Tech Meetup in 2010, and through my job at CTV various entrepreneur and venture events around New York City since probably 2007. I recently have been attending more and more tech and entrepreneur events and I’ve been having a blast. I’ve discovered new […]

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Events: November 14th Through the 20th

Monday, November 14th: Working at a Start Up After not being able to get into the Steve Blank talk at Union Square Ventures last week, I saw this event on Skillshare and figured I’d check it out. I think half of the reason I wanted to go was just to hang out at USV. There […]

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Events: November 7th Through the 13th

Tuesday, November 8th No tech event, but I did attend a fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Society. I very good friend of mine volunteers for the cause so I thought I would show my support. Wednesday, November 9th: Web Tech You Can Touch I killed two birds with one stone here, as it was partially […]

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