Who: Ryan Armbrust

Ryan Armbrust, age 28. 

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That’s me on a recent snowboarding trip.  I grew up around the country, including Tennessee and Texas, but I call Northern California home.  I moved to New York City in 2000 to go to college; a little over four years ago I migrated (or immigrated according to at least one person) to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I still work in Manhattan sitting (and sometimes standing) behind a desk.  As you will come to see I like to explore life.  Food, art, technology, culture, I always try to be digging into something.  I like to stay active and healthy, it feels good and allows me time to be inactive and unhealthy.  I’m always up to grab a game of anything, although my favorite is football.  In the fall you’ll find me rooting for the 49ers, but other than that I’d rather be outside playing than inside watching.  I’m quasi tech geek, well really just a quasi geek.  Hopefully you’ll learn more about me as this thing gets going.

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