Events: November 28th Through December 4th

Monday, November 28th: Tech Startup Pizza Night

A pretty general networking night, except for the delicious pizza, sponsored by Atto Consulting. Met some interesting folks and got to about mobile rails development for a while, which was cool. But, these are the kind of nights that inspire me to go home, open up the terminal window, and then proceed to get bummed that I wasn’t working all night.

Tuesday, November 29th: Columbia Venture Community’s Holiday Party
My first official Holiday Party of the year. It is always good to catch up with the Columbia community. I even ran in to an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. Ended up having conversations with some great people and that really made the night worth it. Plus, I got to catch up with Mark Davis, the CEO of Kohort, which the platform I am building Brooklyn Venture Community on. He was super supportive of BVC and is already helping me out. Oh and the Bison Burger at HB Bruger, delicious.

Wednesday, November 30th: North Brooklyn Breakfast Club

Demo breakfast in my home neighborhood of Williamsburg. It was great to be able to go to such a packed event so close to home. I am blanking on the name, but there was an interesting demo from an independent ebook retailer, enjoyed hearing them speak. The whole media scene intrigues me. I’m interested to see what technologies can be truly disruptive in the current markets. Spotify is fun to watch, but I chose Google Music as my cloud music choice, I guess I may have to re-look into that now that Spotify has opened up their API. Next we heard from The Mutual, a way to give to charity and get perks in return. What was funny was that I ended up riding the subway a guy from The Good Karma Company, which is in a very similar space, allowing users to find local non-profits. Talked to them both for a while, its funny how similar and different they can be at the same time. There were also multiple shared work spaces talking about their space, includingThe Yard.

Wednesday, November 30th: General Assembly’s Demo Night

GA packed for this event, so I ended up having to stand in the back and teeter around a pillar. I didn’t mind so much, but I am sure those behind me were a bit peeved. As I wrote about earlier, I like VHX’s demo. They bring a streamlined approach to watching, finding, and sharing videos online. I don’t watch a ton of online content, and I rarely ever seek it out. That is why I enjoy the Music Video Genome, it allows me to experience content without much interaction or time investment. Nodejitsu was the most entertaining of the demos, perhaps the speaker enjoyed a few too many of the free beers beforehand. Node.js, which if you didn’t know, was the most followed project on Github at the time, is a javascript platform. The presenter didn’t think anyone would really care about what he was saying, figuring there were few hardcore engineers in the room, and although I’m in no way a hardcore engineer, I was really intrigued. Javascript is something I’m try to build up in my repertoire, and if Node.js will allow me front and back end development with the same code, well then maybe that is what I should be learning. Definitely taking a closer look at Node.js, so thanks for the entertaining introduction Nodejitsu. Tred, helping with custom car ordering, Paperlex, organizing and tracking legal documents, and Makom, collating and curating travel guides and information, were among other to present. All in all with the packed attendance I was glad it ended up being a fun night of Demos.

Thursday, December 1st: #techdrinkpp

One aspect I want to bring to BVC is social. My goal is to have BVC be a clearinghouse for all Brooklyn events and groups, including of course BVC sponsored events, but I also really want it to include a solid social side. I wanted to check this event out to see how this group was already doing it. I did enjoy myself while I was there. Free cocktails, it was on a rooftop, I met some interesting people, and I had a solid conversation with two members of a company that provide hardware for various cloud services. Even with everything in the cloud today I haven’t stopped to think too much about the infrastructure that is needed to back it up. Definitely an eye opening conversation. What I really took away was ideas for the social side of BVC, mainly that the events need to bring people together across all aspects of the industry. I’m finding that too many events that are segregated between the business people and engineers, the key is to find what will appeal to both.

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