Brooklyn Venture Community

I started attending Columbia Venture Community Events in 2008, the New York Tech Meetup in 2010, and through my job at CTV various entrepreneur and venture events around New York City since probably 2007. I recently have been attending more and more tech and entrepreneur events and I’ve been having a blast. I’ve discovered new products to use, been inspired by projects I’ve seen, and, most importantly, I’ve met some truly great people. One other aspect I’ve really enjoyed is finding new events and meeting the people involved in the tech scene in Brooklyn, the borough I’ve called home since 2007. There are a bunch of great tech events and thriving communities throughout Brooklyn, but they are all over and seem to be neighborhood specific. Further, there isn’t one place someone can go to find out everything that is going on in Brooklyn. I’ve decided that I am going to take it upon myself to do just this. I’m going to connect the tech scene in Brooklyn

BVC will place to find great events, starting off with the events already taking place in the borough. There are some awesome, thriving communities already in place and BVC in no way wants to replace those. BVC will simply be a place that connects all of these groups together. BVC will also begin to hold our events, I’m thinking lectures, round tables, and of course Demos.

But I want BVC to be more than a place for these events. I want it to be a community where people can find, meet, and interact with each other in a more social way as well. Great ideas are thought of when intelligent people are chatting over dinner, or having beers after playing a game of pick up soccer. I want BVC to be a platform which allows for and encourages just this.

These are my initial thoughts on BVC, and I’m looking forward to writing more on this as it grows.


I am building BVC out on a new group/event platform: Kohort is still in private beta, which means you will need an invite to join the service. Not to worry I can send you an invite. If you are interested in joining shoot me an email at ryan at armbrusting dot com and I will send one over.

Brooklyn Venture Community

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