Free Idea: ReplyHelp

Free idea for iOS/Android Developers!!! GroupMe is great. I use with my Brooklyn San Francisco 49ers crew to figure out who is going where to watch the games. I also successfully got my whole family to join. One text and my mom can’t complain that I’m not talking to my sisters. A while ago I thought of a similar tool that I think could be pretty useful. Maybe not as wide-spread, but I think the niche would pay for it.

Here’s the background. I was at a friend’s apartment for dinner and drinks. One of girls at the dinner was a late addition because some dude she was seeing decided to take a trip out of the city and didn’t invite her. She was a bit peeved at this so she was spending the night texting back and forth with him, trying to figure out why she wasn’t invited. This of course meant that with every new text she received she announced it to the room and then all the girls present would huddle and decide as a group how she should respond. This went on the whole night.

So here’s is the idea. This will mainly be targeted to groups of female friends, but I others could use it too, I’ll call it ReplyHelp. I explain it through example. Kristina downloads ReplyHelp pulls up her crush James from her address book. After selecting James, she proceeds to select her closest friends to help her reply to James’ text messages. Now every time James texts Kristina, James’ text will automatically be forwarded to the friends Kristina selected. The group of friends are now able to chat in real time with each other to collectively decide how Kristina should respond. Once it is decided, Kristina sends response from directly from the app and James is none the wiser. Once he responds it starts all over.

That is the basic idea. Some aspects that should be included: Kristina should be able to turn off and on the automatic forwarding of messages, but if it is turned off, she can select a message to receive help from. Similar to GroupMe the group will basically have their own number so that those without the app can still participate as part of the group. Kristina can have different groups for her different crushes.

Thoughts? Anyone want to partner up and build it?

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